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Sola Caritas: Love Alone (A Sixth Sola)—a message delivered at the Quakertown Regional Conference on Reformation Theology (November 2012) Outline in MSWord. This message incorporates quite a bit of material from my book, The Beauty of God for a Broken World.


God on a Donkey (Palm Sunday, 2014) Outline in MSWord

The Prince of Life (Easter, 2014) Outline in MSWord

Christmas Comfort (11/30/2014) Outline in MSWord

The God of the Impossible (Advent, 2014) Outline in MSWord


Zechariah 3-4 (01/11/2015) I received word on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. that our associate pastor was ill and unable to preach the following Lord’s Day. This is what the Lord gave me.

Repent for Lent (03/08/2015) Outline in MSWord

The Imitation of Christ (03/22/f2015, based on Mark 8-10) Outline in MSWord

The King Comes to Cleanse (03/29/2015—Palm Sunday) Outline in MSWord

The Inevitable Miracle (04/05/2015—Easter) Outline in MSWord

Choose Life (04/19/2015) Outline in MSWord

United to Christ (04/26/2015) Outline in MSWord

Joseph (05/03/2015) Outline in MSWord

The Christian’s Armor (07/19/2015) Outline in MSWord


Share Your Faith (08-07-2016) Power Point Presentation (recommended)  MSWord Summary

Two Ways to Live (08-28-2016) MSWord Summary